Our services are tailored towards the needs of our clients. We are specialists within the software delivery arena and all that this encompasses including working with key stakeholders, BAs, ST and UAT and across teams and management with industry leading communication skills.

Desktop Software

Provision of high calibre desktop software fit for the enterprise. Traditionally desktop software has been written to ensure highly coupled data or control systems may function optimally. Whether your desktop software is written in C++, C#, VB or any other language we can help. Development doesn't stop there though - we are also specialists in deployment of software packages using Wix


We have extensive experience delivering across the entire software developmemt lifecycle. This includes requirements gathering and analysis, architecture and design, implementation, system testing, UAT and live preperation and deployment. We are specialists in drawing the skills which exists within teams during the full lifescycle (infrastructure, security) and can execute delivery cycles based upon agile/scrum techniques in addition to traditional waterfall models

Architecture and Design

We have extensive experience in architecting and designing systems from requirements up. We ensure that the architecture put in place is both appropriate for the requirements whilst taking account of known future growth possibilities. Architecture patterns include the entire design - both in terms of software and hardware and this is a key facet of the architectures we provide

Cloud Computing

We have extensive experience both developing and using cloud technologies. This includes both delivery against Amazon and Azure platforms and extensive use of the Azure Service Bus. We also provide hybrid integration services for clients which require a degree of on-premise data/technology hosting.

Web Services and SOA

We provide all the required skills to develop and maintain web services which adhere to a number of different standards. We provide input on both the design of services (including patterns for contract first) and in addition provide services which complement existing ESB technology using SOAP, REST, XML and JSON for interaction and data transfer

Relational Databases

We provide extensive services with regard to relational databases including Oracle, SQL Server and NoSQL.


Industries and Experience.

We have extensive experience across a range of industry sectors. These include:




Digital Television Broadcasting (DTV and IPTV)

Document Management

With over 15 years experience built across a range of sectors, principals and delivery patterns we have the knowledge and experience to adapt to, explore and thrive with our clients' delivery structures.


Our latest posts...

Paul Bulgari

Updated availability.

After a long contract working with a leading global insurance provider which entailed working on significant upgrades mission critical LOB systems and also the provision of the first direct data driven web services and APIs - I'm about to become available in mid March, 2014. Please contact us for an updated CV. Read More

About Us

Software developers for the enterprise.

With over 15 years experience designing and delivering software solutions we have a significant amount of background within the software development arena. Drawing on this experience to help clients achieve their goals is also our goal. We have leveraged a number of development methodologies and delivery frameworks which enables us to provide a highly adaptable service to our clients. We use best-of-breed emerging technologies along with pre-existing technologies in harmony - ensuring the right tools and software are used to deliver on time, and to budget.

Our Work Process.


The process of exploring the clients needs and delivery capabilities can be missed by many professionals within the IT industry. In order to ensure that systems are designed which are suitable for a client we ensure that we explore the delivery framework, governance, infrastructure, security and team structures within each client. Doing this enables the most suitable architecture to emerge for each client.


The exploration of both the problem domain and any external constraints allows the design of solutions which are appropriate for the client. This means designing a solution which really is a best-fit for the client, not one which would suit another client. UML and OOD are at the core of design processes within the industry and are an ideal way of mapping use case analysis and key architecture and design facets.


Using a number of development languages across a number of different industries using different development frameworks enables us to deliver software using a variety of strategies. Adoption of TDD and BDD practices greatly increase the testability of code and utilising mocking frameworks and interface driven development enabling dependency injection and inversion is a particularly powerful tool within development.


Delivering world class software which is well exercised, authored and tested is only part of the story of delivery. The provision of infrastructure and services which are required to run any software developed along with support and knowledge transfer to any support teams is absolutely crucial too. We understand this very well and our services do not stop at the delivery of software components, but extend into real world delivery too.

Meet The Team.

Paul Bulgari
Managing Director


What our clients are saying.

Michael SIntegration Architect

I like working with Paul, apart from being a nice lad Paul is technically very strong and someone I've enjoyed bouncing architectural ideas around with.

In addition to technical ability Paul has very good soft skills which has helped him manage various stakeholders when working on multiple concurrent projects which were both challenging from a technical and non technical perspective.

As a technical lead, architect or developer I would not hesitate to recommend Paul.

Edward BChief Software Engineer, BAE Systems

Paul is professional without being distant and diplomatic without being indecisive.

He is a friendly and helpful team member who is happy to take on difficult tasks, make sound decisions and works hard to help others achieve their goals.

His own standards are high, and he can be relied upon to deliver excellent and reliable solutions. Paul is particularly good as a software consultant, as he learns into the existing software quickly and is able to offer pragmatic solutions that are in keeping with the existing software.

He doesn’t fall to the common mistake, often made by people new to an existing set-up, of disliking everything that is not immediately explainable, or where different choices have been made to those he might personally have made. Although when necessary, he can and will suggest improvements and redesigns, depending upon need and cost.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Paul and would recommend him highly.

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